Last Modified: 25 August 2012

Acacia Tree Media Inc., owner and operator of (hereafter "service") has adopted the following policy to describe how the service collects, stores and uses user information. By using the service or software which connects to the service, you give explicit consent to the practices described herein.

Information we may collect

  • IP address
  • Browser, platform, and browser environment metrics
  • Referral URL (as provided by browser)
  • Time and date of any access to
  • Facebook e-mail Address (see "E-mail privacy" below)
  • Facebook "basic information" (name, gender, locale, link, username, timezone)
  • Facebook friend connections
  • Any email, tags, notes, cell numbers, or textual posts you supply voluntarily
  • If any emails we send you are received or opened

Disclosure of Information

Acacia Tree Media Inc. will never give away or sell any of the above information to a third party without your consent. We use this data only to tailor the visitor's experience to content and services provided by Acacia Tree Media Inc.. This information may only be shared with others in the form of aggregate statistics that do not personally identify a single user.


Acacia Tree Media Inc. makes extensive use of browser "cookies." Each account is required to enable the "cookie" feature of the browser. Cookies store login identifiers and temporary "session state" information that allow us to properly associate with your account the relevant activity on our sites and affiliate sites.

Third parties

The service may include analytics, advertising or other third party code. Acacia Tree Media Inc. does not maintain, endorse, or insure the privacy practices of those third party suppliers. Any information they collect is done through the browser interface. Acacia Tree Media Inc. does not provide third party suppliers any information directly except as indicated in this privacy policy.

Except for our hosting providers, payment processors, and government entities with whom we have a contractual relationship, or may have a legal obligation, any other attempt by a third party to obtain personal information is unauthorized. By using the service, you assume the risk of any such unauthorized access.

Financial Transactions

Acacia Tree Media Inc. does not store any credit card or financial information on our servers. All such information is stored only by third party payment processors. At this time all payments are processed by Paypal. Acacia Tree Media Inc. has no access to your payment information except as shared by Paypal. The information provided in payment falls under the privacy policies of our payment processor.

Any data you voluntarily disclose on the service or through the browse add-on, such as web page titles, URLs, tags, schedules, or notes, but not including passwords, is stored unencrypted. The data is accessible only through an encypted password or to Acacia Tree Media Inc. employees with support access to your account.

Acacia Tree Media Inc. does not store a log of sites you visit with the app. Other than information you supply directly, and data previously mentioned in this privacy policy, Acacia Tree Media Inc. stores only: a list of URLs you have scheduled or blocked from your account, the periodic schedule you have selected, and the time of the next scheduled visit. Past visits are not stored.

All other records and data are stored locally in your browser. This data is not transferred to Acacia Tree Media Inc. or It is the users responsibility to regulate access to the users browser, and Acacia Tree Media Inc. cannot guaranteed the privacy of data stored on your client device.

E-mail privacy

As a user of the service, you agree to receive administrative email and notices or requests from Acacia Tree Media Inc.. You may opt-out of all non-essential e-mail at

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter the terms of this privacy policy. You can monitor the datestamp at the top of this document for changes. Account holders will be notified by e-mail of changes to this policy in advance, with time to opt out, of any changes to this policy that involve the dissemination of personal information.