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ClickThru has 2 components

1. ClickThru Popup

Click the icon to open the popup. All changes in the popup allow you to stay on your current web page.
  • ClickThru - Click "Next site" when you're ready for the next scheduled web page
  • Scheduling - On the left frame of the popup you can schedule how often you want to return to the current site. You can also reschedule the previous site you visited by clicking it's title.
  • My Account - Click this menu item to access your account settings, sites, and membership in a new tab
  • Show/Hide Tab - This menu item will activate or deactivate the Clickthru tab explained below
  • Clickthru checkboxes - Select which type of sites you want the "next site" button to show you. Additional options available in account preferences.

2. ClickThru Tab

  • Moving the Tab - Click and drag the tab to move it to left and right or select top/bottom of page location
  • Current Schedule - On each site the tab shows when your next scheduled visit will be
  • One-click Clickthru - Click the Green arrow on the tab to clickthru to the next site with one click
  • Rescheduling - Click the drop down list to reschedule your next visit without affecting your default schedule. For example, if you normally clickthru to a site monthly, but don't have time to read it when it comes up, just choose HOURLY from the drop-down to come back after one hour without changing the monthly schedule. You can change the default interval only in the popup as described above.
  • Removing site - Select NEVER to remove a site from your clickthru regarless of previous schedule.

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