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What is ClickThru?

Clickthru is a browser add-on that lets you schedule visits to your favorite sites. With one click, Clickthru takes you to the next site in your favorites. Whenever you visit a site, you can also schedule your next visit, so that you never forget to come back when you have more time.

Is it secure / private?

Yes. We store only a list of your web URLs on our server so that we can sync your account when you access from multiple devices. All we store is your next scheduled visit; we don't track past visits. All private browsing history is stored only on your own computer so that your surfing is private.

Access to your clickthru sites is restricted to a password protected login. If you login with a social network we may determine suggestions for you based on your friends visits. All sharing options can be disabled for your privacy.

For complete details read our Privacy Policy

Is it free?

Yes. Clickthru is a free service. We are supported by advertising revenue and therefore you may see an advertisement occasionally when you clickthru. Upgraded memberships are available for a charge. A basic account is always free.

What is a browser extension?

Our browser extension adds a button to your internet browser's toolbar. To use a browser extension takes just a few seconds to download it and give permission to your browser to access Clickthru.

How do you use the ClickThru app?

For details on how to use the app Click to the Help Page